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CIMS Premier Package

This 5 day Premier Package incorporates Training in CIMS 2, CIMS 4 and our CIMS Integration package providing you with support to integrate the CIMS structure into your organisation.

The package involves three days of training for response staff and two days of consulting with those implementing the structure at a strategic level.


cims2Our CIMS Premier Package includes the following:

  • a one day CIMS 2 course to learn about the NZ Coordinated Incident Management structure and how it is widely used in New Zealand to manage emergencies.
  • a two day CIMS 4 course to develop an understanding how the CIMS structure is applied to manage events which occur in your building and where staff have to deal with other agencies like the Police, Fire Service etc.
  • two days working with those responsible for implementing the structure, integrating it into existing Emergency and BCP plans.

Training can be a combination of in-house and public courses and tailored to meet your requirements.

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