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Client Testimonials: Earthquake Awareness Training

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  • The training and content was very good. Paul is very knowledgeable. (The most useful parts of the training) were each emergency is different. Look up and live, safe zones. ML – June 2017 – Earthquake Awareness 
  • (The part of the training that was most useful was) understanding that staying in a building is often the best course of action and avoiding the “fall zone”. HD – June 2017 – Earthquake Awareness
  • All (was useful) – have done similar before however one can never know it all or prep too much. BT – June 2017 – Earthquake Awareness
  • Paul Blum in highly competent and knowledgeable. GF – March 2017 – Earthquake Awareness 
  • (The parts of the training that were most useful were) tips about how to be prepared and what to do / have in case of emergency. LF – February 2017 – Earthquake Awareness
  • (Useful) guidance on emergency grab bag packing and making prior plans with family for steps to take in event of an emergency. PK – February 2017 – Earthquake Awareness
  • Training was well received and informative. (Paul) presented well, spoke clearly. SD – February 2017 – Earthquake Awareness