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Planning Intelligence Manager Course

CIMS training course Planning high vis vestsThis training course is for those people who are likely to carry out the role of Planning Intelligence Managers or work in the Planning Intelligence team of an Incident Management Team. We look in depth at this role and how to set up and carry out the functions required. For those already experienced in the Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS), we allow an opportunity to work in a multi-agency environment and develop a more in-depth understanding of this important role.

Below is a generic checklist of the responsibilities of a Planning Intelligence Manager.

Collects information, analyses it and makes plans based on it.

  • Obtain briefing from the Incident controller
  • Record decisions, actions and other activities
  • Understand the strategic direction
  • Communicate with Incident Management Team
  • Determine information needs
  • Gather, clarify, confirm and analyse information
  • Observe deadlines and critical information needs
  • Appoint, brief and task staff
  • Manage the Planning Section
  • Maintain maps and display boards
  • Track incident / resources status
  • Liaise with technical experts
  • Conduct planning meetings
  • Prepare Incident Action Plan
  • Plan changeovers and demobilisation
  • Provide management support

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As with all Devereux-Blum Training courses our expert trainers tailor the course material to be relevant to the needs of each group and/or organisation.  For further information contact our team.