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Response Coordinator Training

Response Coordinator FigureThe Response Coordinator Training is for those people who are required to carry out the role of Response Coordinator. The Response Coordinator’s primary responsibilities are to provide strategic direction, support and coordination to Incident Management Teams (IMT’s)

Senior managers from Government Agencies, Lifeline Utilities and Councils are often required to coordinate across multiple sites or incidents. This training supports those who have responsibilities at the highest levels.

Below is a generic checklist of the responsibilities of a Response Coordinator.

Leads a high level management structure that provides strategic direction, support and coordination for Incident Management teams in complex or multiple incidents.

  • Assess overall situation
  • Record decisions, actions and other activities
  • Assess political issues, resource constraints, etc
  • Consider appointment of an aide
  • Appoint coordination staff
  • Consult with key authorities and organisations
  • Designate an Emergency Operations Centre
  • Set priorities for allocation of resources
  • Ensure effective strategies are adopted
  • Approve Incident Coordination Plans
  • Ensure information is passing to all sectors
  • Ensure coordination of media / public information
  • Plan future staff requirements
  • Organise changeovers of your team


As with all Devereux-Blum Training courses our expert trainers tailor the course material to be relevant to the needs of each group and/or organisation.  For further information contact our team.