Shakeout 2021

New Zealand’s national earthquake drill and tsunami hikoi is on Thursday 28th October 2021 at 9.30am.

  • DROP down on your hands and knees. This protects you from falling but lets you move if you need to.
  • COVER your head and neck (or your entire body if possible) under a sturdy table or desk (if it is within a few steps of you).
  • HOLD on to your shelter (or your position to protect your head and neck) until the shaking stops. If the shaking shifts your shelter around, move with it.

While you are doing the drill, imagine that it is real and what might be happening around you. Think about what you might need to do before a real earthquake happens to help protect yourself.  After this you can follow it up with a Tsunami Hikoi and walk to higher ground.   Go to to sign up your organisation, whanau or community group.