Training people to manage emergencies

Kia ora and welcome from the team at Devereux-Blum Training & Development Ltd. We look forward to supporting you now and in the future.  We are a Provider of Solutions working in Emergency Management in all sectors nationally – non-Government and Government (State Sector, State Service, Public Sector and Public Service).

With our 25 years of knowledge, skills and experience we listen to your training needs and work alongside you to plan the how, when and what you need for your people and organisation. Having worked with people and organisations for many years we provide continuity and reliable support. Our goal is to work to a standard of excellence from the time we connect with you to ensure our journey together is a positive, rewarding one.

Our services range from developing and delivering tailored on-line/face to face training courses/packages, to facilitating desktop/ real exercises, to facilitating Governance workshops, reviewing Plans and Procedures, providing online coaching and much more.

We are an NZQA Category 1 accredited Training Education Provider on a four-year evaluation cycle.  At our most recent External Evaluation and Review we achieved Highly Confident and Excellent in all categories.   See our details on NZQA and the standards we are accredited to deliver.

We specialise in delivering quality Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) training courses nationally. If required, we can deliver and assess to NZQA unit standards. CIMS in-house, multi-agency in-house or public multi-agency training courses are training services we deliver every week. Our ‘blended’ CIMS online training package which includes self-paced online modules followed by a ‘live’ online workshop facilitated by our experienced Trainer continues to be an excellent option in upskilling  people and organisations during the pandemic/people working remotely.

We train people within organisations to lead, manage and respond effectively and efficiently to an incident/ multi-incident response. Working within your own agency or a multi-agency response we can bring a depth of knowledge and experience to the ‘learning space’ to meet your needs fully. For more information, contact us

Feedback from our valued clients:


  • I really enjoyed last weeks course.  Thank you so much.  As a former trainer I wanted to say how well facilitated the course was and what a brilliant atmosphere was created.  Very positive, engaging and creative learning environment.  Top Marks.  June 2022
  • This training was extremely valuable, presented with passion and knowledge and in a safe environment to learn and practice.  June 2022
  • The training was at the right level for my role.  It was well structured and we had the opportunity to practice the theory we had learned.  Sharyn was a great presenter, engaged and intuitive.  Explained things well and was aware of the different style of learning.  March 2022
  • The cross knowledge in the room was awesome.  Great sharing.  March 2022
  • Good presentation, style and communication.  Training was very engaging.  Good to learn from others experiences in other organisations.  March 2022


  • I enjoyed the interactive style with this training.  Sharyn knows the subject inside and out.  July 2022
  • Excellent facilitator.  Really makes a huge difference having such real examples and easy to communicate with.  May 2022
  • Excellent facilitation, good knowledge – incorporated and included all persons in the room.  May 2022
  • Excellent training course.  Engaging throughout and good balance between doing and listening. March 2022
  • Brilliant facilitation.  Appreciated the depth of lived experience from other participants.  Ability to draw on learning from actual events was valuable.  Felt culturally safe and that the appreciation and honouring of Maori/Iwi responses and approaches was authentic. March 2022

CIMS 3 Online

  • Workbook was easy to follow.  Discussion with Trainer helped place CIMS into my context.  May 2022
  • Love the zoom call and getting relevant information and examples.  May 2022
  • The content was covered very well, in both videos as well as the CIMS 3rd edition book.  Both go hand in hand in order to provide well rounded understanding of the model.   April 2022
  • The presentation was easy to follow with relevant workbook questions and activities.  April 2022

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Check out our CIMS (Co-ordinated Incident Management System)  Business Continuity Planning and other tailored training packages.  Click below to hear our Trainer Paul speak about how we can help your organisation be prepared for any event:


Training (online and/or face-to-face)

View our in-house training, public courses, facilitation, coaching, consultancy services that are available nationally and internationally in a timeframe and format that works for your organisation.

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Exercises & Scenarios

An exercise is a simulation of an emergency situation. Training people who are involved in emergency planning and response is fundamental to an organisation’s ability to manage any emergency. Exercises can be discussion based, tabletop or live.

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Working with a variety of clients nationally, across many sectors, to develop their capacity to effectively manage emergencies that might be encountered in the workplace. We consult on a range of professional matters to develop resilience across your workplace or community.

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Why undertake Emergency Management Training?

Are you still in COVID-19 response mode?  Are we prepared for another response?

  • Emergency Management Training can help your organisation / business prepare for emergencies.  Emergency and non-Emergency events can occur with little lead in time.
  • What steps do you need to take to reduce the impact of, prepare for, respond to and recover from different incidents / response? Whether you are an CEO, Executive, Risk Manager, Emergency Responder, Health and Safety Representative or someone with a genuine interest in emergency readiness and workplace safety, then we encourage you to learn more about our Training Courses.

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