Other Services

Other Services we offerAuditing, monitoring, stock taking and supply of civil defence cabinets/equipment

Business Continuity Planning and/or Management

Bomb threat training

Conference / Seminar Speakers

Coordinated Incident Management (CIMS) table top exercises

Emergency Preparedness audits

Emergency management considerations when renovating or moving to a new building

Emergency management structures for CEO’s and Senior Management

Community consultation

Delivery and assessing of NZQA unit standards

Facilitate accident and investigation workshops for people with that responsibility

Facilitate workshops like ‘near misses’ and the importance of reporting these

Health and Safety audits

Practical simulations for Incident Management teams

Practical simulations to rehearse a given response like an earthquake or bomb threat

Practical simulations where rescue teams, first aiders and floor wardens work together

Staff health and safety briefings

Updating written emergency procedures and consulting with staff

These services are available to organisations as required.

If you have a particular need that is emergency related that is not included here and want to talk through the practical issues of your requirements, please contact us.