Networks & Affiliations

Devereux-Blum Training & Development has affiliations and networks with many organisations. We have a growing number of people internationally with specialist skills and experience in emergency management training, facilitation, and consultancy who work with our team as required. This allows us to assist clients throughout the world, allowing us to service larger contracts as required. If you have qualifications and related skills in Emergency Management and would like to join this dynamic team or develop working partnerships then contact us by telephone or email.

Click the hyperlinks to access the following sites:

Accident Compensation Corporation
Achieve Group
Auckland City Council Civil Defence
Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group
Council Websites and Boundaries
Dunedin City Council Civil Defence
Earthquake Hazard Centre
Federal Emergency Management Agency 
Get Ready, Get Thru
Wellington Regional Council Civil Defence Emergency Management
Hawke’s Bay Emergency Management Group
Horizons Regional Council
Hutt City Council
Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management
Ministry of Health
Natural Hazards NZ
New Zealand Coastguard
New Zealand Defence Force
Fire and Emergency New Zealand

New Zealand Emergency Management Agency
New Zealand Institute of Safety Management
New Zealand Land Search and Rescue
New Zealand Police
New Zealand Qualifications Authority
New Zealand Resuscitation Council
New Zealand Urban Search and Rescue
Northland Regional Council
ScentTECH Drug Dectector Services
Skills Org NZ

Southland District Council Civil Defence
Taranaki Regional Council Emergency Management
The International Emergency Management Society
United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
Victoria University Rescue RT7
Waikato Civil Defence Emergency Management Group
Water Safety NZ
What’s The Plan Stan

Worksafe NZ 

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