Recent responses throughout New Zealand (human pandemic, cyber-attacks, flooding and storms) have highlighted the need for people and organisations, nationally to be ready and prepared.  Readiness is one of the 4R’s of Emergency Management. 

Is your organisation ready to respond?

As a ‘Provider of solutions’ we work with you to develop a ‘tailored training package’ that best meets the training needs of your people/ organisation from one year to the next.  With an increase in resilience people respond in a more effective, efficient, co-ordinated way. We welcome the opportunity to work with you long term on this ‘journey’. 

Whether we are working with you on-line, face-to-face, with NZQA, non NZQA, in-house or third party contractors/stakeholders  in-house or public courses we will adapt the ‘how’ so people can transfer their knowledge and skills learnt into experience back in the workplace.  Work with you in the ‘challenge’ zone providing 1-1 coaching as we go. Contact us

In-House Training.   These high quality training courses are tailored to your requirements and delivered across NZ and beyond in a time frame and format that works for your organisation, this may be Distance Learning or face-to-face.



Online Training Courses

A ‘blend’ of self-paced learning working with DBTD pre-recorded educational videos, follow-up activities between videos and a live online workshop facilitated by the Trainer.


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In-House Training

Working closely with your organisation we offer training, facilitation, coaching, consultancy and development courses that can be requested nationally and internationally in a timeframe and format that works for your organisation.

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Multi-Agency Courses

These courses provide training for those people from organisations who have the responsibility for managing emergency response within their organisations and wish to attend training with other agencies

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Working with a variety of clients nationally, across many sectors, to develop their capacity to effectively manage emergencies that might be encountered in the workplace. We consult on a range of professional matters to develop resilience across your workplace or community.

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Devereux-Blum Training are a NZ Qualifications Authority (NZQA) Category 1 tertiary education provider under the Education Act 1989 and its subsequent amendments. See more about our accreditation.

Contact us by telephone on 04 232 5363 or email us.