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Leadership Training

This is a one-day interactive training for people who would step into a leadership position as a leader managing a large team of people (multi-agency), a leader managing a sub-function team, a leader managing volunteers or a leader supporting an aspect of the response / recovery process.   The … Read More

Bomb Threat Training

Devereux-Blum Training & Development Ltd works with a variety of clients nationally to develop their capacity to effectively manage bomb threats to their organisations. Need to develop or enhance your plans for individual or multiple sites? Then we can assist you. We have over twenty years operational experience to draw … Read More

Business Continuity Training

Proper protection of any business requires foresight, risk management planning, robust procedures, staff training and regular testing. How important is it to you to get your business up and running as quickly as possible after an emergency situation? What are your stakeholder expectations and service level agreements? What are the implications if your business is interrupted for a prolonged period? This training course is designed for your key business continuity response staff. Familiarisation of the business continuity plan is essential if they are to evoke the plan and provide for business continuance and recovery. Working with your key response staff, the content of this course includes: Read More

CIMS (Coordinated Incident Management System)

CIMS is a valuable incident management tool for those involved in managing emergency situations. This high level training is directed at Emergency Service Responders who have direct responsibility for managing emergency response including Communication Centre Staff, Police Officers, Firefighters, Ambulance Officers, Government Agencies, District Health Boards, Hospital staff, Council EMO's and Workplace Response teams. Training includes the New Zealand Co-ordinated Incident Management System, (CIMS) a system used by leading emergency services since 1998. CIMS training is highly recommended for those who through legislative responsibilities are deemed to be the Lead Agency in an emergency. CIMS is now being used extensively across Government agencies and many Corporates as they develop 'Adaptive Management' and 'Resiliency' within their respective organisations. Read More

CIMS Building Capacity

Whilst we will continue to deliver our popular CIMS 3 and CIMS 4 courses running in 2022, this 6-day package is designed for people who want more advanced training and a package of learning.  This training package runs over a six-month period. CIMS Building Capacity will be delivered … Read More

Civil Defence Rescue / General Rescue Training/USAR

New Zealand is a country at constant risk of civil emergencies. Recent earthquakes in Wellington, Christchurch, Japan, Samoa and Indonesia highlight the need for all New Zealanders to prepare ourselves to deal with these events. We deliver civil defence / rescue training throughout New Zealand and have for a number of years been contracted at a national level as General Rescue trainers and assessors by the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management. With 16 years experience in training people in Civil Defence we are New Zealands most experienced private training providers in this area. Our training packages provides both theoretical and practical training, enabling course participants to develop the skills required to become effective members of a light rescue team for civil defence purposes and workplace emergencies. Our content includes important information about preparing ourselves for tsunamis that may follow an earthquake. Government agencies, emergency services, councils and lifelines groups are required under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 to ensure that they are able to function to the fullest possible extent, even though this may be at a reduced level, during and after an emergency. For all other business it makes good sense to prepare for emergencies. Look after the most valuable assets your business has... your people. For more information email Sharyn. Read More

Consultancy Services

Devereux-Blum training works with a variety of clients nationally to develop their capacity to effectively manage emergencies.  We offer quality consultancy services. We have many years experience in working alongside those responsible for Health & Safety and Emergency Management and consult on a range of professional … Read More

Developing a ‘We’ safety culture within the Organisation

This quality facilitation focuses on strategic planning, emergency planning and processes, team building, creating an organisational vision and commitment and effective problem solving. These sessions can be delivered in a range of ways to meet the organisations needs. Aimed at Managers, Health and Safety teams and those … Read More

Earthquake Awareness

Click on the image to read client testimonials about our Earthquake Awareness training. The Earthquake Awareness course is designed to give all staff an awareness of the risk of earthquakes within New Zealand and to assist them in their preparedness within their workplace and homes. The Earthquake … Read More

Emergency Management Planning & Procedure Development

Emergency Management planning enables people and organisations to reduce the impact, prepare for, respond to and recover from a range of emergencies and disasters. Planning promotes hazard reduction, emergency readiness, response coordination and recovery. We provide a range of services from working with senior management in developing the … Read More

Emergency Procedures for Staff

These training packages ensures that staff (other than floor wardens) have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and actions expected of them in an event of an emergency which affects their building and its occupants. Training can vary from one to three hours duration depending on the needs … Read More

EOC (Emergency Operations Centre) Development

For any person who is involved with the development of an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) within their organisation. We provide a range of consultancy services which support you as you develop your EOC. These include. The Role and purpose of an EOC Assessment of any existing EOC … Read More

Equip and Qualify your Wardens

Building Wardens & Floor Wardens play a vital role in organisations.  We offer a one day training package for your Wardens incorporating NZQA unit standards. Wardens can gain recognised NZQA qualifications with training facilitated by an experienced provider on a four year external evaluation review. For … Read More

Warden Awareness – Fire Evacuation Procedures

This training package ensures that floor wardens and building wardens have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and actions expected of them in the event of an emergency which affects their building and its occupants. Content includes material on Fire Evacuation, Bomb threats, Earthquakes, Evacuation Assistant Software and Incident Management. Read More

Health and Safety Representative training

  Our Health and Safety Representative training is facilitated by experienced trainers and will provide Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) with the knowledge, skills and understanding of this role. The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 came into force in April 2016 and is the key … Read More

Exercises & Simulations

Simulations/Exercises provide you and your people with an excellent opportunity to test plans, policies and human elements in an emergency situation.  Simulations/Exercises give people an opportunity to respond, work together and review what is going well, and any areas for further development.  Scenarios are tailored to your organisation. The training is planned so that organisations can work in a safe environment where a solution based approach is practised. Read More