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CIMS at Governance Level

CIMS at Governance Level – Incident Management Training is designed with Executive Leadership Teams and Chief Executives in mind.

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Desktop / Exercises Simulations

Simulations/Exercises provide you and your people with an excellent opportunity to test plans, policies and human elements in an emergency situation.  Simulations/Exercises give ... 

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Leadership Training

This is a one-day interactive training for people who would step into a leadership position as a leader managing a large team of people (multi-agency), a leader managing a sub-function team, a leader ... 

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Equip and Qualify your Wardens

Building Wardens & Floor Wardens play a vital role in organisations.  We offer a one day training package for your Wardens incorporating NZQA unit standards.


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Emergency Procedures for Staff

These training packages ensures that staff (other than floor wardens) have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and actions expected of them in an event of an emergency which ... 

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Consultancy Services

Emergency Management consultancy services

Devereux-Blum training works with a variety of clients nationally to develop their capacity to effectively manage emergencies.  We offer quality consultancy services.

We have many years ... 

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Business Continuity Training

People in a board room working on business continuity planning

Proper protection of any business requires foresight, risk management planning, robust procedures, staff training and regular testing. How important is it to you to get ... 

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