NZQA Accredited Training Provider – Category 1


We are a Category 1 Tertiary Education Provider for NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) under the provisions of the Education and Training Act 2020.   In 2022 NZQA completed an External Evaluation and Review with Devereux-Blum Training and we are very proud of our efforts and results, we achieved the highest ratings in all categories with no recommendations. Click to read the report: 2022 NZQA External Evaluation 

The Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021 (the Code) highlights the standards of wellbeing and safety for learners.  This code requires Devereux-Blum Training and Development to:

  • Support learner’s wellbeing (physically and mentally) and safety through a whole-of-Provider approach.
  • Foster a positive learning environment across diverse learner groups (ethnicity, gender, social and cultural networks).
  • Provide a pathway to engage with the learner voice.
  • Honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Provide a clear complaints and disputes resolution process.

Outcomes 1 and 2 focus on education providers taking a whole of organisation approach to learner wellbeing and safety, and that learner voice is embedded into the organisation.

Outcomes 3 and 4 focus on wellbeing and safety practices for all tertiary providers and relate to physical and digital learning environments.

Outcomes 5 to 12 focus on student accommodation and international students.

As part of the code, Devereux-Blum Training and Development are required to undertake a yearly self-review and submit an attestation to NZQA.   Our 2023 review is available on request.  Please email Sharyn.

See our scope of accreditation or view the  NQF standards and groups of standards  (i.e. Standards, Fields, Subfields & Domains) that we are accredited to deliver.

Sub-field accreditations

Domain accreditations

Domain – Civil Defence Emergency Management Response

Domain – Civil Defence Management

Domain – Civil Defence Operation

Domain – Fire and Rescue Services – Generic Fire Fighting

Domain – Fire and Rescue Services – Structural and Industrial

Domain – Fire and Rescue Services – Vegetation

Domain – First Aid

Domain – Occupational Health and Safety Practice

Domain – Workplace Fire and Emergency Response

Domain – Workplace Health and Safety Management

Standard accreditations

Compliance and Regulatory Control

10425 Apply the HSE Act 1992 as an employee in a compliance and/or regulatory control workplace (level 4)

11282 Communicate using a radio telephone in a compliance context (level 2)

Core Health

6127 Describe ethical responsibility towards consumers in a health care context (level 3)

6400 Manage first aid in emergency situations (level 3)

6401 Provide first aid (level 2)

6402 Provide resuscitation level 2 (level 1)

Interpersonal Communications

1304 Communicate with people from other cultures (level 2)

9678 Conduct formal meetings (level 5)


12355 Demonstrate knowledge of stress and ways of dealing with it (level 2)

Urban Search and Rescue – Operations

18516 Demonstrate knowledge of, and provide support at, urban search and rescue operations (level 3)

Work and Study Skills

7128 Demonstrate an introductory knowledge of training agreements (level 2)


3490 Complete an incident report (level 1)

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