What your emergency kit should contain

Are you prepared?  Do you have a fully stocked emergency or disaster kit you can rely on to keep you going when the unexpected happens?  Together with a well stocked first aid kit (masks, gloves, ... 

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Contact in an Emergency

Will your home phone work in an emergency?

If an emergency causes a power outage, will you and your loved ones be able to use your phone to call 111? If you have a home phone on new technology, you might qualify for extra support under the 111 Contact Code from your telecommunications provider. View this tip sheet on using your home phone during an emergency: https://bit.ly/3wQRNBX Read more

School Lockdowns

A lock down occurs where there is an identified risk and a need to contain and protect people.  They are an important part of school ... 

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Care box for people contemplating suicide

Source: Nicholas McBride at Stuff

A care box is being developed to help people in times of high stress.

 A young woman who has struggled with her own mental health is hoping to develop a care box to help others when they are contemplating suicide.

Massey University student Shailah Anderson hopes a self-help care package will get people through ... 

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Prepared Kids & Cyber bullying

Devereux-Blum Training Director Sharyn thinks learning cyber safety is an important part of being a Prepared Kid.   Children today are referred to as ‘digital natives’ as they can access ... 

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Dealing with Stress from Disasters

Dealing with Stress from Disasters

Information from Massey University’s School of Psychology on Dealing with Stress arising from Disasters is available, including Factsheets.

Factsheets cover information ... 

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Dogs – Water Requirements

We all know we have to drink fluids to stay hydrated, and perform well. That’s common sense.

But what about the dogs? What do they need to drink, and how do we give it to them?

Water is a vital component of cells and body tissue, to the point that mammals are considered ... 

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Storing Drinking Water

Water is the single most important thing to store in preparation for an emergency. We can live without food for a few days but we cannot live without water. For an emergency we need to store at least ... 

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Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety

This information is from materials created by the Emergency Survival Program (ESP) in 2006 and based on “The Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety” in the handbook Putting Down Roots ... 

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Mental Health Needs Following a Disaster

Two recent articles in the news highlight the need to help groups of people following a disaster by sharing techniques to help them with their pain, grief and fears, and to reinforce ... 

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Safe Camping and Caravaning

Before you know the kiwi mass exodus to the beach or country side will begin.  Perhaps you’re going to be getting away from it all on your holiday and live in a tent or a caravan and fire ... 

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What’s The Plan Stan

Earthquakes, floods, storms, tsunami, and volcanic eruptions, as well as non-natural hazards such as fires and pandemics, can be frightening because they strike at any time and often without warning.

Understanding ... 

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Get Ready Get Thru Website

Due to its location and environment, New Zealand faces many potential disasters. In some cases, such as a weather related or volcanic disaster, there may be time for a warning.

But ... 

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