Video Clips

Let’s Get Down to Business

A Business Bucket is an improvised toilet. If you have done our Devereux-Blum Training and Development General Rescue / Civil Defence Training you will recall the examples of improvised toilets in an emergency situation. Check out this video which demonstrates how quick and easy it is to create an improvised … Read More

Lost & Found Services

The 4 R’s – Reduction – Readiness – Response – Recovery. View the video below to see an airlines innovative, successful use of the 4 R’s – resulting in exceptional customer service! … Read More

Drop Cover Hold Video

Make sure that you, as well as your family, friends and colleagues know the correct action to take in the event of an earthquake. Watch this video from the NZ Government which provides information on Drop, Cover and Hold. … Read More

Massive Tsunami hits Japan

On March 11 2011 a massive 9.0-magnitude earthquake occurred near the northeastern coast of Japan, creating extremely destructive tsunami waves which hit Japan just minutes after the earthquake, and triggering evacuations and warnings across the Pacific Ocean. The earthquake and tsunami have caused extensive and severe damage in Northeastern Japan, … Read More

Another Earthquake hits Christchurch

Prime Minister John Key has told reporters that the death toll from today’s magnitude 6.3 earthquake stands at 65, and Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said it could quite possibly double. Speaking from Christchurch after flying down this afternoon, Mr Key told One News it was likely the quake would … Read More

Christchurch Earthquake Fire

During the Prime Minister of New Zealand’s walkabout in the quake damaged city of Christchurch, an explosion and fire broke out down the road from him. The 7.1 earthquake struck the city at 4.35am on Saturday 4th September 2010. … Read More

Chilean Earthquake 8.8

One of the largest earthquakes ever recorded tore apart houses, bridges, and highways in central Chile on 28th February 2010 and sent a tsunami racing halfway around the world. The head of the emergency agency said authorities believed at least 700 people were dead. The magnitude 8.8 earthquake was felt as far … Read More

Slow Down over Newmarket

To view progress on the first segment lift in October 2009 view the following video. Part 1 June 2009. Timelapse footage of the work that was done during the Auckland motorway closure over the weekend of 4th & 5th September 2010. If you’re driving on Auckland’s Newmarket … Read More

Tsunami – Samoa & American Samoa

The Pacific Tsunami warning centre provides breaking news on the 8.3 earthquake and subsequent Tsunami that struck Samoa and American Samoa on 30 October 2009. We specialise in the delivery of Rescue training for organisations to prepare people for the effects of earthquakes and tsunamis. For more information email Sharyn. Read More

Practice your Rescue Knots

The following video clips demonstrate knots that are used in General Rescue. They are placed here to help you remember them. We encourage you to practice them until you are proficient at them and they become second nature. If you need to purchase a new line to practice with, see the information on personal lines. For other available products and equipment view our full products range.   Read More

Wairarapa Train Derailment

About 300 Wellington rail commuters were taken home by bus after their train derailed on Thursday evening (23rd July 2009) and services were suspended. The Wairarapa-bound train was derailed by a slip as it came out of a tunnel at Maymorn, 40km north of Wellington, about 6.17pm. The locomotive and first carriage came off the tracks, but no one was injured. Passengers were transferred to the rear three carriages and taken back to Upper Hutt where buses met them to complete the rest of their trip. Read More

NZ Emergency Services

 New Zealand's emergency services respond to a variety of emergencies. The following clip shows them in action. Their training prepares them to deal with situations that assists people in difficulty each  throughout the country. Devereux-Blum Training delivers training in emergency management. All emergency services and government agencies use the Coordinated Management System (CIMS) to manage events Read More

Fatal House Fire

Every year as many as fifty New Zealanders die in domestic fires despite the best efforts of firefighters to save them. Fire temperatures develop to dangerous levels in short timeframes and smoke often disables people before they can escape. Ensure your family and house are protected by installing smoke alarms and discuss with all members your family escape plan. The Fire Service is supporting a recent initiatve to install domestic sprinkler systems in new houses. The following videos show graphically the effects of fires once they get established... Read More

Sharyn Facilitating at a Conference

Sharyn speaking at this years Teachers Conference as teachers prepare for their school year. The workshop focused on resiliency. If you would like Sharyn  or Paul  to speak at a conference that you are planning please contact them. Read More

Tribute to Hamilton Firefighters

The following video-clip is a tribute to the firefighters that fought the fire at the Icepak Cold Store in Tamahere, Hamilton on 5 April 2008. Senior Station Officer Derek Lovell died from injuries he received attending the fire at Tamahere. Seven of his colleagues were injured. Read More