Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning


Proper protection of any business requires foresight, risk management planning, robust procedures, staff training and regular testing. How important is it to you to get your business up and running as quickly as possible after an emergency situation? What are your stakeholder expectations and service level agreements? What are the implications if your business is interrupted for a prolonged period?

A well designed business continuity plan (BCP), an effective emergency response and a well trained business continuity team to manage the continuity and recovery operations are the keys to achieving this. Our services in this area include: business continuity assessment, planning and consulting, procedures and plan development, training in staff awareness and response training.

We assist you in the development of your Business Continuity Plans by working with you to identify vulnerabilities within your business, developing plans to develop resiliency and testing your plans with simulations. We deliver CIMS training for Incident Management teams which recognises the early notification of business continuity teams and ensures they are alerted early in the response phase to activate business continuity plans as required. We work to current international best practice, BCP standards and guidelines.

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