CIMS – Building Capacity

Participants of the Devereux-Blum Training & Development CIMS Premier Package training

2012_cims2Whilst we will continue to deliver our popular CIMS 3 and CIMS 4 courses running in 2022, this 6-day package is designed for people who want more advanced training and a package of learning.  This training package runs over a six-month period.

CIMS Building Capacity will be delivered over a six-month timeframe, as a multi-agency course in Wellington or in-house within your organisation/ across your offices/ regions.  Training includes:

  1. Day 1 –  CIMS 3 covering the unit standard 32158
  2. Days 2-3 – CIMS 4 covering CIMS 4 unit standard 29553 / 29554 and a desktop scenario.
  3. Two-month break to work with content covered in above.  Within this timeframe there will be a one-hour coaching (1-1) session with the Trainer.  This will be based on personal goals set.  A defined function focus and progress to date.
  4. Days 4-5: Two-days focusing on a specific CIMS function of your choice to unit standard level.  Covering either of the following unit standards: 32163 – Intelligence Function / 32159 – Planning Function /32165 – Logistics Function or 32163 Operations Function.  Includes a desktop exercise.
  5. Two-month break to work with content. On-line two-hour learning group session with peers focusing on the same function.
  6. Day 6:  Desktop exercise working in your identified function and content covering your identified function. Unit standards covered as above.

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