Civil Defence / Rescue

Hard Hat Headlamp

Headlamps are recommended for hard hats for safety reasons to provide a light source and so that hands are free from the need to hold a torch, especially important when moving over uneven ground. We recommend that the … Read More

Hard Hats

Prepare yourself for emergencies… Need head protection or simply need to be seen in a crowd. Suitable for Wardens duties. The lightweight ABS plastic hard hat is one of the lightest on the market. Multiple three way harness adjustment and single unit four point suspension harness … Read More

Survival Packs

Survival Packs Specially designed for emergency situations.  These can be for one person (as shown) or for families.  Contact us for further information by email or telephone 04 232 5363. The compact one person kit is packed neatly into either a Backpack or Yellow Dry … Read More

Personal & Family Survival Packs

Ideal to have at home, under your desk or in the car.  This is a great starting point to ensure you are prepared in the event of an emergency.  Can be tailored to meet your needs.  Personal or Family packs. The bags are full of everything you would need including: … Read More

Gear Bucket

Store your Carabiners and other hardware in these durable canvas gear bags. Features of this product: Durable canvas Drawstring on top Plastic sleeve to house a list of contents Attached lifting point Available in black or blue Multiple applications Available in small or large (large twice the … Read More

Wooden Stretcher

Equip your building with stretchers suitable for rescue situations Features of this product: Tough laminated timber Suitable for Civil Defence Cabinets Adjustable foot plate included Securing straps included Cover included Most common stretcher in high rise buildings Varnished and unvarnished options are now available To purchase, contact … Read More

Basket Stretcher

Equip your building with basket stretchers suitable for rescue situations Constructed of a high-density polyethylene shell supported by a permanently attached, heavy-duty, aluminum frame. Molded-in runners and handholds make it easy to handle. Chemical, UV, rust, and corrosion resistant. Easily replaceable closed-cell foam pad is attached inside … Read More

Rope Bag 20 & 40 litre

          Store all your ropes in these durable PVC Rope bags Features of the 20 litre product: Tough, durable PVC 20 litre capacity Stores up to 50M of 11mm rope Adjustable shoulder straps Drawstring at top Lifting straps Protects your valuable equipment … Read More

Prusik Loops

An essential part of your rescue equipment. Made of 5-6 mm nylon kernmantle cord or spectra. The Prusik knot / hitch is a method in which a cord sling can be attached to a rope to provide an attachment loop or hand loop. The position of … Read More

Climbing Tape

Tubular Webbing – Ideal for Civil Defence Rescue Teams Tubular webbing is widely used in general rescue, climbing, caving and related activities. It may be used in a range of ways and is cost effective when compared with rescue rope. Features: Strong and durable 25mm webbing Rated … Read More

Karabiners / Carabiners

    CT Large triple-lock steel Karabiner / Carabiner Ideal for individual team members as part of their personal kit or as part of your Civil Defence equipment. We recommend a minimum of three karabiners per Civil Defence cabinet. The CT Wide-opening steel karabiner has a brass … Read More

Kernmantle Rescue Ropes

Replace those old manilla/sisal ropes with modern rescue ropes! Synthetic fibre ropes are recommended for Civil Defence Rescue purposes. The construction style provides a rope that is strong and resistant to damage, yet is light and easy to handle. The criteria for synthetic fibre ropes are laid down in … Read More

Personal Lines – 8mm

Need a personal line to add to your kit or simply to practice your knots? These lines may be purchased either in 4 metre, 6 metre or 8 metre lengths Features: Kernmantle construction Easy to work with 8mm thick Ideal for rescue team members as a personal line … Read More

Civil Defence Cabinets & Equipment

Prepare yourself for emergencies… Do your civil defence cabinets contain old manilla ropes, undated water containers and moth eaten blankets? Chances are your gear is out of date!!! We are able to advise you on the contents required for Civil Defence cabinets as well as train you in … Read More