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Client Testimonials: Floor Warden / Fire Extinguisher Training

  • Fire Extinguisher Training
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    Well presented, clear messaging and thought provoking discussions. TF – May 2018 – Floor Warden

  • Fantastic instructor who explained things very well.  VW – December 2017 – Fire Extinguisher
  • Presentation was very good.  Paul is very knowledgeable on subject and very understandable.  Thank you.  YC – December 2017 – Fire Extinguisher
  • Very well run.  Paul has very extensive knowledge and is a great teacher.  LB – December 2017 – Fire Extinguisher
  • Well presented.  Would recommend to another company.  GF – December 2017 – Fire Extinguisher
  • Hands-on training with the different types of Fire Extinguishers is very helpful.  Classroom theoretical training is very insightful.  DL – December 2017 – Fire Extinguisher
  • Very interesting and useful course.  A lot more confident in the event of a fire.  CM – December 2017 – Fire Extinguisher
  • I feel like I can now use a fire extinguisher to put a fire out and save lives. DK – August 2017 – Fire Extinguisher
  • Great course, Paul is an excellent facilitator. Very worthwhile. SC – June 2017 – Floor Warden
  • Fully enjoyed the training and it has also given me confidence in making the right choices for other staff members. CT – June 2017 – Floor Warden
  • Really enjoyed the course and meeting other Fire Wardens. SA – June 2017 – Floor Warden
  • Good information and amount of content. Definitely learnt new skills and information. LF – June 2017 – Floor Warden 
  • Easy to understand – fun activities – facilitator has in-depth hands-on knowledge. JI – May 2017 – Floor Warden
  • Very clear and logical. Very responsive to questions and the trainer adjusted his focus to cover them. IG – May 2017 – Floor Warden
  • Enjoyed the mixed mode of delivery, activities, puzzles, manuals etc. Really enjoyable and informative – especially from a Firefighters perspective too. JS – March 2017 – Floor Warden / Fire Extinguisher
  • Clear, easy to follow, not monotonous and boring, good level of interaction. I felt comfortable asking questions. Good resources used. RK – March 2017 – Floor Warden / Fire Extinguisher
  • Awesome workshop! I came into this work-shop not knowing a thing about the responsibilities of a Warden and this has been really helpful. Thank you so much. RA – February 2017 – Floor Warden
  • Training method was easy to understand. It gave us the opportunity to voice incidents and get advice back from Paul Blum. NA – February 2017 – Floor Warden
  • Excellent course. Learned a lot of new things about a subject which I thought I already knew most of the procedures. TH – February 2017 – Floor Warden
  • Good pace – packed full of relevant facts – very knowledgeable presenter – good mix of theory and practical application. SR – February 2017 – Floor Warden / Fire Extinguisher
  • Paul was great, instruction was clear and our safety was put first during the extinguisher practice. TC – February 2017 – Floor Warden / Fire Extinguisher
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