Domain – Civil Defence Management

Level Credit Unit Standard Description
Level 2 2 Credits 23703 Demonstrate knowledge of the administration of a CDEM volunteer group
Level 4 6 Credits 23697 Plan, manage and evaluate CDEM exercises
Level 4 8 Credits 23698 Demonstrate knowledge of leadership theory and use it in CDEM situations
Level 4 5 Credits 23702 Coordinate and manage spontaneous volunteers during a CDEM emergency
Level 4 3 Credits 7319 Manage mass casualty triage in a civil defence and emergency management (CDEM) emergency
Level 4 5 Credits 7325 Establish a Civil Defence Emergency Management section
Level 4 5 Credits 7327 Coordinate a Civil Defence emergency response for a community
Level 4 5 Credits 7330 Supervise a welfare centre during an emergency
Level 5 6 Credits 23701 Develop training and support programmes, and recruit, appoint, and manage CDEM volunteers
Level 5 4 Credits 7322 Produce a Standard Operating Procedure for a Civil Defence Emergency Management organisation