CIMS at Governance Level

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CIMS at Governance Level – Incident Management Training is designed with Executive Leadership Teams and Chief Executives in mind.

In today’s Health and Safety conscious environment, accountability rests at the highest levels within organisations.  This training ensures you have the appropriate levels of Incident Management for your organisation.

  • The structures required to manage incidents are in place to meet your legislative obligations
  • There is clarity around the roles within different groups responding.
  • The interface between Incident team level and the Governance level.
  • The interface between agencies attending is in place.
  • Protecting Corporate Reputation.

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“Awareness of threats is not the same as preparation to deal with them. More than three-quarters (76%) of surveyed board members believe their companies would respond effectively if a crisis struck tomorrow. But less than half (49%) of their companies have taken steps to be truly crisis-ready.

When crisis occurs, many of the costs are obvious and measurable. But board members who had lived through past crises said the most significant victims of a crisis were less tangible assets like company reputation and morale—and they said a damaged reputation can take years to recover. Asked how long it took corporate reputation to recover from crises, almost seven out of 10 crisis-experienced board members said it took from one to five years. Because the damage from a crisis can cut so deep and last so long, the ability to lead in a crisis must increasingly become a core competence for CEOs, senior executives, and board members. This competence can only come through training, rehearsals, and direct experience of crisis situations.” A Crisis of Confidence Survey 4th quarter 2015. Deloittes