Linda Blum

Linda has 25 years of experience in designing, developing and delivering training. She set up her own training and development consultancy in 1985. Linda works with the team in an advisory role. She is currently the Director of Achieve Group.

Linda is particularly skilled in facilitation, coaching as well as leadership, management and team development. Her particular passion is developing integrated long-term programmes which fast-track the development of individuals and teams.
Linda has consulted in more than 50 organisations in the public and private sectors, including the newspaper and dairy industries, local government, a range of social and health agencies and the justice sector. She is also a Past President of the Wellington Branch of the New Zealand Association for Training and Development.

Recent assignments have included designing career development and coaching programmes, redesigning an emerging leaders programme for a large government department and writing a leadership and management competency development resource book She has been a project manager and a facilitator for a suite of programmes for case managers. email.