Measuring Preparedness – Do You Know

Preparedness is key in building organisational resiliency.  Measuring Preparedness is an important planning consideration.  Do you know…..

How you measure you are prepared?

We can review/ audit Plans/ Procedures and the systems you have in place.  This can be a yearly or bi-annual review which includes professional, objective written feedback.  The review can be site specific or organisational wide.

Practice is important for Response / Recovery teams working alongside each other 

Planned training and exercises with the Teams working with CIMS and Business Continuity Teams provides valuable opportunities to ‘fine tune’ the way the Response and Recovery teams work together and the robustness of Plans in place.

Taking part in Regional/ National Exercises?  We can support you.

If your organisation is involved in a regional or national sector exercise, then we can work with you providing professional ‘neutral’ support during the exercise or we can step into an observer role providing written feedback post exercise.  This allows you and other key people to actively participate in the exercise.

Contact the team for more information and to discuss your requirements or phone us on +64 04 232 9640.