New Zealand Underwater Association

New Zealand Underwater Association is a not-for-profit organisation leading New Zealand’s underwater community in recreational and sporting activities. Its mission is to be NZUA logothe lead organisation for promoting and advocating safe and enjoyable underwater activities in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Underwater Association would like to remind those undertaking diving or similar activities on the water of the following important safety messages:

  1. Always dive under a Dive Flag; this needs to be a minimum of 600mmx600mm in size and should ONLY be flown when people are in the water. As a skipper or driver of a vessel you must keep a 200m distance from the Dive Flag or reduce your speed to below 5knots within 200m
  2. Always dive with a dive buddy
  3. Before you scuba dive get certified through professional training from a reputable training agency.  If you haven’t dived for a while or a feeling a bit rusty undertake a refresher course from your local dive centre
  4. Are you dive fit? Before you dive get a medical assessment and repeat this at least every 5 years, this is especially important for those diving at depths greater than 3metres
  5. Before you leave the shore check your equipment, and have your scuba gear serviced by a qualified scuba technician at least every 2 years
  6. Before you head out let somebody know where you are going to be diving and when you expect to return

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