Practice your Rescue Knots

The following video clips demonstrate knots that are used in General Rescue. They are placed here to help you remember them. We encourage you to practice them until you are proficient at them and they become second nature.

If you need to purchase a new line to practice with, see the information on personal lines. For other available products and equipment view our full products range.

This first video demonstrates a number of knots known as the family of eights. The first knot is the figure 8 knot which is a simple knot that is the basis for a number of other knots commonly used in Rescue. The video demonstrates the figure eight knot, the figure eight bend, the re-threaded eight and the double figure eight knots.

This second video demonstrates the Round Turn and two half hitches,
the Italian Hitch and the Alpine Butterfly knot.

This third video clip demonstrates the Tape knot / Water knot and the
Double Fisherman’s bend.

This video clip demonstrates the securing of 11mm rescue lines at the
top of either a wooden backboard stretcher or a basket stretcher.