Desktop / Exercises Simulations


Simulations/Exercises provide you and your people with an excellent opportunity to test plans, policies and human elements in an emergency situation.  Simulations/Exercises give people an opportunity to respond, work together and review what is going well, and any areas for further development.  Scenarios are tailored to your organisation. The training is planned so that organisations can work in a safe environment where a solution based approach is practised.

These Simulations/Exercise can be desk-top or actual which include the involvement of emergency services.  Devereux-Blum Training will work with you to pre-plan and develop and facilitate the Exercise.  They provide a good opportunity to develop trust within your team.  As we work with organisations from year to year different elements can be introduced.

AScenario with emergency services CEO who participated in a November 2016 CIMS Exercise commented that he was pleased with the high level of participation from the New Zealand Fire Service due to our liaison with emergency services with regards this Exercise.

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