Co-ordinated Incident Management System (CIMS Level 3)

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This is a practical one day course is for those people who wish to gain an understanding of the New Zealand Co-ordinated Incident Management System structure (CIMS) and leads into the CIMS Level 4 training.  This training can be facilitated either by: face to face interactive training or blended learning (educational videos, activities and ‘live’ workshop.  We can work with you to deliver the training best suited to your organisation.

At the completion of the CIMS Level 3 course, participants will have:

  1. Fully attended the one day course,
  2. Demonstrated basic  knowledge of the principles, roles, structure, functions and the impact of situational awareness on an incident.  This is covered by unit standard 32158

Click below to hear our trainer Paul speak about how we can help your organisation be prepared for any event:

CIMS 3 course content will include:

Key functions:

  • The principles of CIMS
  • CIMS Structure and functions: Control, Safety, Intelligence, Planning, Operations, Logistics, Public Information Management & Welfare
  • Situational Awareness
  • Tailoring the system to your organisation, agency responsibilities
  • Setting up your Incident Management kit & facilities.

Includes learnings from significant events in New Zealand

CIMS level 3 multi-agency courses are run in a central Wellington or where numbers allow at venues throughout New Zealand. Each course is tailored to the needs of the group.  Additional courses are available on demand.  For further information contact the team.

To register for a scheduled CIMS level 3 multi-agency course please click the relevant Register button below the date you wish to attend.

Course Date:  2 July 2024


Course Date: 19 November 2024


Course Date: TBC 2025