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Due to its location and environment, New Zealand faces many potential disasters. In some cases, such as a weather related or volcanic disaster, there may be time for a warning.

But ... 

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As a Category 1, NZQA Training Provider, Devereux-Blum Training & Development Ltd is dedicated to excellence. The following comments represent feedback from Training Managers ... 

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CIMS Integration

Checklist of Emergency Management Preparedness

Ensure that your policies and procedures support your people by providing a solid foundation on which to respond your Incident Management Teams.

We work with you to fine tune your response when working to CIMS:


  • CIMS Structure – developing the right structure
  • Integrating CIMS into your Emergency plans.
  • Matching people and skill sets to the CIMS roles.


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Business Continuity Training

People in a board room working on business continuity planning

Proper protection of any business requires foresight, risk management planning, robust procedures, staff training and regular testing. How important is it to you to get ... 

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Our Mission

Devereux-Blum Training & Development’s Mission is:

To deliver quality training, facilitation, consultancy and coaching that meets the needs of people, organisations and communities in an ethical, timely and professional manner.

To be a leading Training Provider in training and facilitation, consultancy and coaching with a particular focus on:

  • Emergency Management


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