Co-ordinated Incident Management System (CIMS 4)


Following on from CIMS 3, CIMS 4 is a practical two day course for those people who wish to advance their understanding of the New Zealand Co-ordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) in a multi agency environment.

By the end of the CIMS 4 training participants will have:

  1. Fully attended the two day course,
  2. Demonstrated the CIMS structure at incidents as a team member as indicated in the CIMS unit standards 29553 and 29554.
  3. Demonstrate operational knowledge of the CIMS structure, functions and their inter-relatedness.
  4. Demonstrate operational knowledge of the Incident Management Team (IMT) .
  5. Describe the  Incident Management Team (IMT) function manager roles in an incident.
  6. Describe the importance of planning transition to recovery phase during a response.
  7. Establish and describe situational awareness in an incident.
  8. Demonstrate knowledge of and contribute to planning and incident response
  9. Demonstrate and apply knowledge of briefings.

CIMS 4 training includes the latest updates to the CIMS Model and learnings from significant events in recent years.

Click below to hear our Trainer & Director Paul speak about how we can help your organisation be prepared for any event:

CIMS 4 multi-agency courses are run in central Wellington.  Each CIMS 4 course will be tailored to the needs of each group. Additional courses are available on demand.  For further information on CIMS 4 contact the team.  To register for a scheduled multi-agency course please click the relevant Register button below next to the dates you wish to attend.

Course Date: 9th & 10th August 2022


Course Date: 9th & 10th November 2022