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CIMS (Coordinated Incident Management System)

CIMS (Coordinated Incident Management System) is the National response framework for incident management in New Zealand and can be used to manage incident responses of any scale, hazard, complexity and level.

CIMS can be used internally within an organisation to manage an incident as well as plan for an incident response in the future.  It establishes a framework of consistent principles, structures, functions, processes and terminology for response and the transition to recovery. This allows people to respond effectively to incidents across functions and organisations – both vertically and horizontally.

Whilst CIMS is used during the response stage of the 4R’s of Emergency Management it can be implemented in the readiness and recovery phases of emergency management.

CIMS is used across Government agencies and many Corporates as they develop ‘Adaptive Management’, ‘Readiness’ and ‘Resiliency’ within their respective organisations.  Click below to hear our Director and Trainer Paul speak about how we can help your organisation be prepared for any event:

We deliver courses to a wide range of clients, across many sectors, which include many Government Agencies involved in whole of Government exercises. Our training covers the Incident Management Team functions and sub-functions providing incidents / responses with strategic direction, support and coordination in complex or multiple incidents.

Incident Management Teams ensure that high level decisions are coordinated during an emergency and manage the threat to life, property and the environment during the response phase.

The COVID-19 is an example where the Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) system is used during the response phase over a prolonged period.

Gain recognised NZQA CIMS qualifications by an experienced NZQA Category 1 provider on a four year external evaluation review.  Courses may be run in-house or you or your team can attend one of our multi-agency courses.

We run Coordinated Incident Management System, (CIMS) multi-agency courses at regular intervals or once we have sufficient numbers. Please advise us if you would like to be placed on a waiting list for any of our multi-agency CIMS courses.


 Unit standard    Title  Level
32158 Demonstrate basic knowledge of New Zealand’s Coordinated Incident Management System 3
29553 Demonstrate operational knowledge of NZ’s CIMS functions and structure. 4
29554 Currently under review: Apply operational knowledge of NZ’s Coordinated Incident Management System 4
22446 Currently under review: Perform the planning/intelligence function in an Incident Management Team (IMT) 5
22447 Currently under review: Perform the operations management function in an Incident Management Team (IMT) 5
22448 Currently under review: Perform the logistics function in an Incident Management Team (IMT) 5
22449 Manage an Incident Management Team (IMT) response 6
22450 Control and coordinate a multi-incident response 6


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