Crisis Management – Reputational Risk

crisis management training

A crisis is an out of ordinary event, or set of circumstances which places at risk the safety or well-being of employees and other stakeholders, assets, the environment and/or the integrity, performance, reputation or survival of an organisation.

Develop the resilience within your organisation through identifying the right people to make up your response teams.

crisis management training

  • Incident Management Team (on-site incident management)
  • Crisis Management Team (strategic crisis management)
  • Corporate Crisis Team (governance and corporate reputation)

“Awareness of threats is not the same as preparation to deal with them. More than three-quarters (76%) of surveyed board members believe their companies would respond effectively if a crisis struck tomorrow. But less than half (49%) of their companies have taken steps to be truly crisis-ready.

When crisis occurs, many of the costs are obvious and measurable. But board members who had lived through past crises said the most significant victims of a crisis were less tangible assets like company reputation and morale—and they said a damaged reputation can take years to recover. Asked how long it took corporate reputation to recover from crises, almost seven out of 10 crisis-experienced board members said it took from one to five years. Because the damage from a crisis can cut so deep and last so long, the ability to lead in a crisis must increasingly become a core competence for CEOs, senior executives, and board members. This competence can only come through training, rehearsals, and direct experience of crisis situations.” A Crisis of Confidence Survey 4th quarter 2015. Deloittes

We consult on a range of matters assisting you with the development of crisis management teams, their structure and implementation.

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