CIMS Integration

Checklist of Emergency Management Preparedness

Ensure that your policies and procedures support your people by providing a solid foundation on which to respond your Incident Management Teams.

We work with you to fine tune your response when working to CIMS:


  • dbtdCIMS Structure – developing the right structure
  • Integrating CIMS into your Emergency plans.
  • Matching people and skill sets to the CIMS roles.
  • Identifying major threats.
  • Legislative drivers.
  • Lead Agency / Support Agency considerations
  • Legal questions
  • Authority to act.
  • Financial delegations.
  • Trigger points.
  • Activation of the TEAM
  • Accounting for staff, visitors & contractors
  • Mobilisation
  • Escalations.
  • Notifications.
  • Interagency MOU’s /protocols.
  • Recording templates.
  • Incident Management Response Kit (CIMS kit).
  • ICP / EOC design and layout and setup.
  • Shift changeovers.
  • Media management
  • Corporate reputation
  • Public perceptions.
  • Training plans
  • Team safety – injuries & fatalities
  • Reporting
  • Debriefing

We consult on a range of matters assisting you with the development and integration of CIMS into your organisation.

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