Rescue Awareness

  • It was very practical and great to hear about ways to improvise in certain situations.  Ongoing Rescue October 2021
  • Wonderful environment to learn.  Lovely instructors and very knowledgeable.  Ongoing Rescue October 2021
  • Great story structure and mix of practical skills interpersed with discussions.  Ongoing Rescue October 2021
  • Was a great session, facilitated well.  Everyone involved.  So great.  Ongoing Rescue October 2021
  • Course book is great and content during the course is well described with real life examples.  Very easy to ask questions.  Warden/Rescue September 2021
  • Well engaged, effectively and clearly communicated.  Warden/Rescue September 2021
  • Enjoyed the differences in teaching applications, demonstrations are valuable.  Thank you. Warden/Rescue August 2021
  • I really enjoyed the day and the style of delivery.  Great mix of anecdotes and practical application.  Warden/Rescue August 2021
  • Love the energy, use of Te Reo and the skills we gained. Warden/Rescue August 2021
  • Brilliant presentation.  One day not enough.  Warden/Rescue August 2021
  • We had a great session.  Debriefed at the conclusion of the training and everyone really enjoyed themselves.  We are in the process of reviewing our current emergency stock and processes.  OGR September 2020
  • Great interactive session.  OGR September 2020 
  • Was great, very relaxed, good pace.  Good mix of theory and practical.  OGR September 2020 
  • Awesome!  Enjoyed all the practical work.  Delivered very well by Sharyn.   GR March 2020
  • Excellent.  Clear instructions.  I feel much more confident.  Thanks.  GR March 2020 
  • Really good.  Fully of knowledge and lots of fun.  GR March 2020
  • Very well presented.  Great tutor. MGR March 2020
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