Seismic Restraints

Books thrown of shelves in the Canterbury earthquakeOne of the ways to reduce the impact of an earthquake is to restrain heavy items. Often when we conduct Emergency Preparedness Audits within organisations we notice large cabinets, bookcases and furniture which are unrestrained. These items are potentially lethal in an earthquake where they can fly around a room and pose a threat to anyone nearby. Heavy items in a workplace should be identified as an earthquake hazard and steps taken to manage the hazard. If they can’t be eliminated them securing them to NZS 4104 – Seismic Restraint of Building Contents is an option.

We don’t carry this out ourselves however we can recommend a colleague who specialises in securing furnishings and equipment to meet seismic standards. Mark Burling runs Seismic Restraints NZ and is able provide you with this service.

For further information contact us on (04) 232-5363 or email Sharyn.