Wellington’s Earthquake Prone Buildings

United Future leader Peter Dunne has made public Wellington City Council’s list of 808 earthquake prone buildings.The assessments of how quake-safe buildings are can be requested at any time but there’s a growing interest in the issue since the Christchurch earthquake.

The list shows 808 buildings in Wellington are identified as at risk in a major quake, and 172 of those need urgent strengthening.

Wellington City Council spokesman Richard MacLean says if work is not carried out, it’s feasible whole streets could disappear.

Most at risk are Cuba Street, Willis Street and Courtenay Place.

“For example, look at Cuba Street, there’s probably a huge long list of buildings in Cuba Street that are on that list and they were built 120 years ago. They will be badly damaged unless they are strengthened,” MacLean said.

MacLean says it is going to be a tricky task balancing public safety with heritage values.

About 20% of earthquake-prone buildings on the list are heritage buildings.

Willis Street has 14 buildings that require remedial work.

Buildings that need earthquake-proofing to standard have been given 10 years.

Note:where a building listed has the term ‘124 Served’, this means earthquake-prone building notices issued under Section 66 of the Building Act 1991 have been reissued a notice under Section 124 of the Building Act 2004 requiring strengthening.

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