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As a Category 1, NZQA Training Provider, Devereux-Blum Training & Development Ltd is dedicated to excellence. The following comments represent feedback from Training Managers ... 

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Fire Evacuation Scheme Development

Resources from an evacuation scheme.

Fire evacuation schemes greatly contribute to fire safety by providing a mechanism for building occupants to safely evacuate a building.

Consequently, schemes must reflect the building’s complexity and occupant activity. Therefore, completion of a scheme requires thoughtful planning so that the procedures contained within it are effective if a fire emergency occurs requiring the evacuation of the building’s occupants.

We have experience in developing evacuation schemes ready to submit to Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) for approval.


An evacuation scheme is all of the provisions and procedures put in place by the owner of a relevant building to meet the requirements of the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017 and the Fire Safety and Evacuation of Buildings Regulations 2006 are complied with. Evacuation schemes must be approved by the Fire Service.


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Warden Awareness – Fire Evacuation Procedures

Fire Evacuation Board

The  Warden Awareness training package ensures that Wardens (Building and Floor) have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and the actions expected of them in the event of an emergency which affects their building and its occupants. Content includes material on Fire Evacuation, Bomb threats, Earthquakes, and Incident Management.

This is an interactive course, with handouts and practical content key features.  In-house training give people the opportunity to learn about the building they work in and the facilities ... 

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