Warden Awareness – Fire Evacuation Procedures

Fire Evacuation Board

The  Warden Awareness training package ensures that Wardens (Building and Floor) have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and the actions expected of them in the event of an emergency which affects their building and its occupants. Content includes material on Fire Evacuation, Bomb threats, Earthquakes, and Incident Management.

This is an interactive course, with handouts and practical content key features.  In-house training give people the opportunity to learn about the building they work in and the facilities available to them. Regulation 9: of the  Fire Safety, Evacuation Procedures and Evacuation Schemes) Regulations 2018 states that the Owners or tenants of certain buildings must have employees trained to assist occupants to evacuate the building, in a fire or emergency requiring evacuation, in accordance with the evacuation procedure for the building.

Evacuation Chair training can be included in this training.  Evacuation chairs are used for those people who require assistance during an evacuation. We are able to attend trial evacuations and provide feedback for wardens as well as give practical advice on improving evacuation response.

Duration: 2.5 hours, usually run in the morning.

Participants can also completed NZQA Unit Standard: 18408 (Credits 3, Level 3).

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