Business Continuity Training

People in a board room working on business continuity planning

businesscontinuityplanningProper protection of any business requires foresight, risk management planning, robust procedures, staff training and regular testing. How important is it to you to get your business up and running as quickly as possible after an emergency situation? What are your stakeholder expectations and service level agreements?

What are the implications if your business is interrupted for a prolonged period?

This training course is designed for your key business continuity response staff. Familiarisation of the business continuity plan is essential if they are to evoke the plan and provide for business continuance and recovery. Working with your key response staff, the content of this course includes:

  • knowing your business
  • assessing the risks to your business
  • familiarisation of existing business continuity plan
  • assessment of the plan
  • testing aspects of the plan through simulation
  • exploring existing response structures
  • past experiences with business interruption
  • developing action plans for continual improvement

NB. Where there is no existing business continuity plan. we work with you and your team to develop a business continuity plan. We work to current international best practice, BCP standards and guidelines.

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