At Devereux-Blum Training we are proud of the work that we do and often receive thanks from clients for the efforts we put in. The following are testimonial from a range of people: 
General Rescue

Even in conditions you are not confident in the training kicks in and you do remember things.  JS September 2009

Excellent presenters, really personable and enthusiastic.  Really encouraging which I found very motivating.  Good to do lots of hands on training and really let the skills sink in.  JF August 2009

Paul and Sharyn were excellent, well paced and friendly.  You answered all questions and provided a good atmosphere in which to learn.  DM June 2009


Good overview of CIMS – feel more confident I could respond in a situation.  RB June 2009

All the theory we started off with was backed up by practical activities which made understanding easier.  BP June 2009

One of the best workshops I have attended for a while.  NW February 2009

The workbook was very well written and easily understood.  JB July 2009

Floor Warden

A good balance of information conveyed with visual tools to keep participants engaged.  DK September 2009

Paul was very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic.  NR September 2009

Learnt just how much we don’t do and items that we need to improve.  TM August 2009

Fire Extinguisher
•·        Good all round knowledge and approachable manner.  Practical and comprehensive. TG March 2009
•·        Feel a lot more confident of how to handle an emergency situation now.  SM March 2009
Health and Safety
•·        Helping the team to realise times have changed and how their actions can have a big influence on our team.  TJ July 2009
Chemical Spills Training
•·        Particularly valuable to have an assessment done of our laboratories.  DN June 2009
•·        Great to be tailored to our work environment, makes it relevant and easy to remember.  KM June 2009.

Rescue Awareness

  • It was very practical and great to hear about ways to improvise in certain situations.  Ongoing Rescue October 2021
  • Wonderful environment to learn. 

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CIMS Training Testimonials

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  • Excellent presentation, style, conversations, content with a cadence that helped stay engaged all day.  Thank you.  CIMS

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As a Category 1, NZQA Training Provider, Devereux-Blum Training & Development Ltd is dedicated to excellence. The following comments represent feedback from Training Managers ... 

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