Multi-Agency CIMS

cims4publicOur multi-agency CIMS (Co-Ordinated Incident Management System) course brings together people from a range of different organisations.   Those attending are able to share a range of experiences that they encounter or have encoutered within their own working environments. Of particular value in these multi-agency courses is the broad experience that is evident across agencies that is not usually so apparent within a single organisation.

Avoiding group think is important when exploring the many “what if” scenarios that an emergency response team can experience. When people come from different backgrounds they usually see things from quite different perspectives. This opens up the thinking processes enabling the group to overview an incident from vantage points which are outside their normal horizons.

A challenge within a single agency is avoiding the group think which may tend to follow established norms. This is the way we do things here!

Working with others who see and do things differently, brings about new learning and helps people gain new insights around what is important to other agencies they are likely to encounter at an emergency.

If you think that your people would benefit from exposure to fresh ideas from other emergency response teams, then enrol them in our next public CIMS 3 or CIMS 4 courses.

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