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Building Warden’s Roles & Responsibility

Building Wardens fill an important role within the emergency response of a building’s emergency management structure.

We provide consultancy services to building wardens and deputy building wardens ... 

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Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning

Proper protection of any business requires foresight, risk management planning, robust procedures, staff training and regular testing. How important is it to you to ... 

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Get Ready Get Thru Website

Due to its location and environment, New Zealand faces many potential disasters. In some cases, such as a weather related or volcanic disaster, there may be time for a warning.

But ... 

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As a Category 1, NZQA Training Provider, Devereux-Blum Training & Development Ltd is dedicated to excellence. The following comments represent feedback from Training Managers ... 

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Fire Evacuation Scheme Development

Resources from an evacuation scheme.

Fire evacuation schemes greatly contribute to fire safety by providing a mechanism for building occupants to safely evacuate a building.

Consequently, schemes must reflect the building’s complexity and occupant activity. Therefore, completion of a scheme requires thoughtful planning so that the procedures contained within it are effective if a fire emergency occurs requiring the evacuation of the building’s occupants.

We have experience in developing evacuation schemes ready to submit to Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) for approval.


An evacuation scheme is all of the provisions and procedures put in place by the owner of a relevant building to meet the requirements of the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017 and the Fire Safety and Evacuation of Buildings Regulations 2006 are complied with. Evacuation schemes must be approved by the Fire Service.


To obtain further information or discuss your requirements, contact us on +64 4 232 5363 or email us. Read more

NZ Emergency Services

New Zealand’s emergency services respond to a variety of emergencies. The following clip shows them in action.

Their training prepares them to deal with situations that assists people in difficulty each  throughout the country.

Devereux-Blum Training delivers training in emergency management. All emergency services and government agencies use the Coordinated Management System (CIMS) to manage events Read more

Emergency Plans

Person writing plans, policies & procedures for a range of emergencies.

We are experienced in developing plans, policies & procedures for a range of emergencies.

We work alongside you to ensure that you are ready for emergencies that might impact your organisation.

Our plans, policies and procedures support your response and ensure you meet legislative requirements.


Topics covered include:

  • Introduction and Scope
  • 4R’s approach
  • Emergency Structure
  • Corporate Governance
  • Strategic Management
  • Incident


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CIMS Integration

Checklist of Emergency Management Preparedness

Ensure that your policies and procedures support your people by providing a solid foundation on which to respond your Incident Management Teams.

We work with you to fine tune your response when working to CIMS:


  • CIMS Structure – developing the right structure
  • Integrating CIMS into your Emergency plans.
  • Matching people and skill sets to the CIMS roles.


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Crisis Management – Reputational Risk

crisis management training

A crisis is an out of ordinary event, or set of circumstances which places at risk the safety or well-being of employees and other stakeholders, assets, the environment and/or the integrity, performance, reputation or survival of an organisation.

Develop the resilience within your organisation through identifying the right people to make up your response teams.

  • Incident Management Team (on-site incident management)
  • Crisis Management Team (strategic crisis management)
  • Corporate Crisis Team (governance and corporate reputation)

“Awareness of threats is not the same as preparation to deal with them. More than three-quarters (76%) of surveyed board members believe their companies would respond effectively ... 

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Tribute to Hamilton Firefighters

The following video-clip is a tribute to

the firefighters that fought the fire at the Icepak Cold Store in Tamahere, Hamilton on 5 April 2008. Senior Station Officer Derek Lovell died from injuries he received attending

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Sharyn Facilitating at a Conference

Sharyn speaking at this years Teachers Conference as teachers prepare for their school year. The workshop focused on resiliency.

If you would like Sharyn  or Paul  to speak at a conference that you are planning please contact them.

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Training WCC Civil Defence Centre Volunteers

We have ran CIMS training for Civil Defence Centre Managers within the Wellington City Area. In a major disaster or emergency Civil Defence Centres are activated by volunteers. The centres are situated in primary schools or other community locations like community centres.

The centres collect information about the impact of an emergency and inform the Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office. There is very little equipment at Civil Defence Centres, so residents should plan to be self-sufficient.


In an emergency listen to your local radio station to hear which Civil Defence Centres are working.  It’s a good idea to keep a note of your nearest Civil Defence Centre location in your home survival kit.


Volunteers play an important role in our efforts and in the community’s welfare – before, during and after an emergency.  Volunteers with enthusiasm and commitment and a little bit of time to undertake training are needed. Volunteers work from their local emergency centre.

Volunteers are trained to perform a range of functions in the emergency centres including:

  • radio communications
  • operations
  • welfare
  • light search and rescue

If your are interested in helping as a centre volunteer contact the Wellington Emergency Management Office of your local council. The Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office can be contacted on ph 04 830 4279 or through their website. Read more


Devereux-Blum is comitted to keeping you informed, with regular news releases on topical issues – archived away here for your reference, a range of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to ... 

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We source a wide range of civil defence and emergency related equipment for clients and advise on the most appropriate equipment for your situation. If you require emergency equipment for your workplace, then contact our team by email or telephone us on 64 4 232 5363.

As trainers and practitioners in emergency training at a national level, we regularly train with and use the equipment we recommend. We can advise you on what equipment meets the standards and stands the test of regular use.

Civil Defence/Rescue

Search this section for Civil Defence related products that meet current standards and develop resiliency within your  home, workplace or community.

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Fire Safety

Search this section for Fire Extinguishers and Fire Safety products that meet current standards.

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Incident Management

Search this section for products to enhance your response during incident management.

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View our Product Return Policy Read more

Other Services

ACC Partnership – preparing for audits in Emergency Preparedness

Audits and stock taking of civil defence cabinets

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Management

Bomb threat training

Conference / Seminar Speakers

Coordinated Incident Management (CIMS) table top exercises

Emergency Preparedness audits

Emergency management considerations when renovating or moving to a new building

Emergency management structures for CEO’s and Senior Management

Civil defence equipment stock-take, auditing, monitoring & supply

Community consultation

Delivery and assessing of NZQA unit standards

Facilitate accident and investigation workshops for people with that responsibility

Facilitate workshops like ‘near misses’ and the importance of reporting these

Health and Safety audits

Harness and lanyard training

Practical simulations for Incident Management teams

Practical simulations to rehearse a given response like an earthquake or bomb threat

Practical simulations where rescue teams, first aiders and floor wardens work together

Staff health and safety briefings

Updating written emergency procedures

Writing procedures and consulting with staff

These services are available to organisations as required.

If you have a particular need that is emergency related that is not included here and want to talk through the practical issues of your requirements, please contact us. Read more

What do courses cost?

As our courses are tailored to the organisation we work with, we meet with prospective clients to discuss a range of details including, the training required, the numbers being trained, equipment required.  Once we have this information we will send you a proposal with costings attached. Read more

Do I receive a certificate for the training delivered?

Yes where we have indicated so in our proposal for training. You receive a certificate for completing the course requirements and full attendance at the training. People have used these in their CVs and we have verified these on numerous occasions. If you would like a certificate for a training course, please contact us to discuss. Read more

I’m not sure I can physically cope with the practical parts of the training. Does this exclude me?

As part of the planning stage, we look at the people we are working with and any specific needs we need to take into account. We believe all people have strengths so we prefer to nurture people’s enthusiasm and look at what people are capable of. Sometimes people can’t lift heavy loads though they may be great at leadership, rope work or first aid. We take note of any concerns, disabilities or impairment and organise our work with the diverse skills that you and your staff possess. Read more

Do you bring your own equipment?

Yes we do bring specialised equipment in when people are looking at different options and want the opportunity to work with particular equipment. At other times we work with the equipment available in your building as that is what you will have on hand during any emergency. We encourage and advise you on the purchase of appropriate equipment and have reliable suppliers we can refer you to. Read more

How long are the training workshops?

Typically we deliver training between one day and six days duration. We plan the workshops to meet your organisations needs fully. It is important not to compromise the quality of

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How do we start to train our staff?

We work with you to ensure that the needs you have identified in your organisation can be planned for and met fully. This involves working alongside the people responsible for the

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Warden Awareness – Fire Evacuation Procedures

Fire Evacuation Board

The  Warden Awareness training package ensures that Wardens (Building and Floor) have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and the actions expected of them in the event of an emergency which affects their building and its occupants. Content includes material on Fire Evacuation, Bomb threats, Earthquakes, and Incident Management.

This is an interactive course, with handouts and practical content key features.  In-house training give people the opportunity to learn about the building they work in and the facilities ... 

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Emergency Procedures for Staff

These training packages ensures that staff (other than floor wardens) have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and actions expected of them in an event of an emergency which ... 

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Consultancy Services

Emergency Management consultancy services

Devereux-Blum training works with a variety of clients nationally to develop their capacity to effectively manage emergencies.  We offer quality consultancy services.

We have many years ... 

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Business Continuity Training

People in a board room working on business continuity planning

Proper protection of any business requires foresight, risk management planning, robust procedures, staff training and regular testing. How important is it to you to get ... 

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Sharyn and Paul have over 26 years experience working in the Emergency Management sector including:

  • Coordinated Incident Management Systems to level 6
  • Developing and tailoring training packages


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Our Mission

Devereux-Blum Training & Development’s Mission is:

To deliver quality training, facilitation, consultancy and coaching that meets the needs of people, organisations and communities in an ethical, timely and professional manner.

To be a leading Training Provider in training and facilitation, consultancy and coaching with a particular focus on:

  • Emergency Management


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Networks & Affiliations

Devereux-Blum Training & Development has affiliations and networks with many organisations. We have a growing number of people internationally ... 

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